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Escape & Elevate

Experience the epitome of refreshment with our tantalizing concoctions, Kite Sodas are a symphony of flavors encapsulated in a can!

Gluten-free and crafted with real cane sugar, every sip is a testament to unparalleled taste and quality.

Crafted with precision using terpenes, enhanced by cutting-edge nanotechnology, each sip is an exhilirating journey into the cosmos


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"KITE Sodas were my first introduction to THC drinks and they set the bar real high!
Can't beat a ~floaty~ root beer."

Anthony Barela, MN

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Kite Soda is a craft soda collaboration brought to you by Solid Gold Hemp & Burning Brothers Brewing.
Every batch is produced in a dedicated gluten free facility
in St. Paul, MN.

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