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High, We're Kite Soda

In 2022, Kite Soda was born in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, with a vision to revolutionize the simple pleasure of enjoying a drink with friends through drinkable cannabis.

Inspired by the idea of blending the fun, social, and celebratory experience of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis, the founders of Kite Soda crafted their first batch of “Kite Soda Root Beer.” The response was overwhelmingly positive, and Kite Soda became the first THC beverage to hit the Minnesota market following the legalization

of hemp-derived THC products.

With Andrew Afrooz and the original founding members still leading the way, Kite Soda remains at the forefront of innovation in social cannabis product development and education. Our small, family-owned team of beverage enthusiasts is dedicated to delivering the best hemp-derived THC products, ensuring satisfaction with flavors that delight your palate and uplift your spirit.



Kite Soda is revolutionizing everyday experiences with its perfectly dosed, cannabis-infused crafted beverages. By prioritizing high-quality ingredients and exceptional artisan creativity, Kite Soda is redefining the future of drinking and recreational experiences, always putting flavor at the forefront.


At Kite Soda our vision is to provide consumers with the most compelling and elevated experiences possible. We are dedicated to growing our business with honesty, integrity, and creativity, mirroring the same principles we apply to crafting our recipes. This commitment ensures that every product we create is of the highest quality and irresistibly craveable.

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