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In the inaugural High Spirits Awards, the best of the best cannabis beverages were awarded medals after being blind-tasted by some of the best palates in the business. The Clever Root is honored to share the results and provide more information about some of the best beverages in market. 


Speedy Review🍃🍃🍃
@kitesoda “Root Beer”
10mg THC
2022 Legacy Cup 🏆(Best THC Beverage)
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Cheers to the champions of the Best of Show & Best of Beer competition, and to a future filled with exciting and delicious brews!

How are the drinks judged? There is a panel of experts who participated in a blind taste test and rank which ones they think are worthy of claiming the title!


About: Burning Brothers Brewing and Solid Gold Hemp have teamed up to bring us these award-winning Minnesota-made sodas created with Minnesota-grown THC. (Shouldn’t it be called “pop” then?) Also good to know? These cans are technically two servings each, topping out at 10 mg total...


FLAVOR: Root Beer
DOSE: 10mg Delta 9 THC/can

Minnesotans know their root beer. This is the home of Dorothy Molter, the legendary “Root Beer Lady,” after all. To be honest, we were skeptical that Kite Soda’s Root Beer THC Soda (10mg) could hold up to that legacy—and our dubious palates. But did it? YOU BETCHA!...


Fantastic drinks first, but packs a punch

I've been a huge fan of Kite Soda since I first encountered them a few months ago. Recently they redid their formula to fit 10mg into a 12 ounce can instead of 16, but the flavors of the drinks seem to have been maintained perfectly.

Personally my preference is for the Ginger Ale, which I feel tastes almost exactly like Sprite, even more so than the lemon lime version.

5 out of 5, will recommend to everyone forever...


This 10 mg soda (there are citrus, ginger ale and root beer flavors) is one of the few products on the market to contain significant calories, but you’re probably not drinking more than half of a pint, so still better than a few beers. A Burning Bros. employee recommended making a float with the root beer, so I split a pint into two servings and made a float for me and one for a friend...


🥤Burning Brothers BrewingKite Soda claims to be Minnesota's first THC-soda, with root beer, citrus and ginger ale flavors out now. It's five milligrams per serving, with two servings per can...


2022 Winner Best THC Beverage


ST PAUL— With the changes to the MN laws back in July, consumers have seen a surge in the variety of new products introduced containing hemp-based THC. In the beverage space in particular, the majority of new products we have seen are THC-infused seltzers. while seltzers remain popular, they are not for everyone...


Burning Brothers Brewing has collaborated with Solid Gold Hemp to create ‘Kite Soda,’ a THC-based soda that was created to fill a gap in the market for non-seltzer THC beverages. Andrew Afrooz from Solid Gold Hemp recognized this gap, and contacted Burning Brothers Brewing to pioneer this delicious and energizing beverage...


Serving: 16 oz, 10 mg THC (2.5 mg per serving)
Flavors sampled: Citrus, ginger ale, and root beer
Taproom: 1750 Thomas Ave. W., St. Paul

It almost feels unfair including Kite Soda here, because this line of craft sodas made by Burning Brothers Brewing and Solid Gold Hemp doesn’t aim to be the same as the rest of ‘em. Heavy with real sugar, Kite Soda pretty faithfully emulates Sprite, ginger ale, and Barq’s...

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