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The Kite Soda Family Welcomes You!

Thank you for choosing KITE SODA as your THC craft soda of choice!  We value our wholesale relationships,  and commit to the highest level of customer service and order fulfillment.  

Non-liquor Licensed Businesses

Apply below if your business falls into one of these categories:







Liquor Licensed Businesses

Kite Soda is now available through Artisan Beer Company & Johnson Brothers.

You can order through your existing sales rep,  or click below to get in touch with Artisan to start a new account.

1999 Shepard Road, St Paul, MN 55116
651-637-3334 or

All Invoices are Due on Delivery

We can work with you to set-up Electronic Funds Transfers, and can accept checks via mail,

or cash/check payments in person. 

Net terms available after two successful and on-time payments, ask for details.

Liquor Licensed Business' Distributor:

Artisan Beer Company
St Paul, MN 55116


Smoke/Vape Distributor:

Winner Tobacco Wholesaler

Minneapolis, MN 55413

(612) 331-4404

Smoke/Vape Distributor:

Granite City Jobbing

St Cloud MN 56301


Already a wholesale member?

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